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  image from Back to school is here! I am encouraging kids at all levels to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the up-coming academic term! You can get the results you want as long as you keep your mind’s focus on what you want to achieve.Make your academic goals as specific as possible, also make […]

Leading by example… “to the world”

Congrats to Miss Kitty! She has shown us that we can be our better self and our healthier self all at the same time. Childhood obesity is a serious issue throughout the Caribbean. It is creating problems for us now, and will continue to challenge the health and  productivity sectors for years to come. Families fear starting on […]

Dying to be Beautiful 2014

Please share this poster. Please come:  Be informed, get involved. For more information click & go to the conference site.                                                                       […]


Yes you can! Whether it’s for the RUN or for the FUN this 2-part fiesta is all for a good cause: raising funds for children throughout the Caribbean who have been diagnosed with cancer. Check out their website, by clicking on the picture. Registration for the run ends this Friday. Please share.

Girls Day

These are the things that children remember most from their days in school. Great job! Girls (and boys) celebrate your potential! Di you think “Girls day” makes a difference for female students?

Be a Superhero for the Planet. | EARTH HOUR

Check out Super Pocoyo! Anyone can be a superhero for Planet Earth. Everything you do so conserve electricity helps everyone of us! Turn off the lights when you are not in the room. Turn of the TV when no one is watching it. Dont leave appliances (radio, microwave) plugged in when they are not being […]