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Parenting a Tweener: A Survival Guide

Early adolescence is a tricky time for parents. Your sweet baby starts testing boundaries and defying rules. Here’s a quick summary of support for you from more4kids. And remember:  No! You are not going crazy and Yes! This too shall pass.

Stop Bullying! Idea from

Teacher leads inspiring mission to stop bullying on – So many good ideas are free! Let’s keep creating and keep sharing.  This is such a simple and effective exercise. Check out the link below,

Obesity in Children: a growing problem

The Caribbean region is a curious mix of wealth and want, resources and deficiencies, and in no way is this better demonstrated by our curious blend of childhood malnutrition where both the critically undernourished and the disturbingly over-nourished child may live side by side on any street. We must pay attention to the sneaky but […]

Sleep and your Teen

Sleep is as valuable in the teen years as in younger childhood. Too little sleep decreases cognitive function, and  a teens ability to remember what they have learned. Take the time to read the link below and talk to you teen about planning and committing to a good night sleep. Making sleep a priority is […]

After GSAT

GSAT results are out! So, what’s next?!?! THANK GOD, whoever you perceive Him to be. The examination is done, the grades are out, and primary school is nearly completely finished. You did it, with His help. HUG YOUR CHILD! Hug your child because their hard work and sacrifice brought them to this point. You were […]

Managing Challenging Behaviours in Your Children

Matthew McKenzie, Clinical Psychologist Getting your child to cooperate with you can be one of the most challenging experiences as a parent. However, it can be achieved if you’re willing to adjust a few things. Changing the child’s environment is key; your attitudes, behaviours, rules, methods of discipline and lifestyle constitute the environment in which […]