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Empathy: What is it, what are its pros and cons, and do we all have it? | Justine East-Campbell

I’m sure many of us have grown up hearing the term, “putting oneself in another’s shoes”. In other words, empathy involves attempts to understand someone else’s perspective or experience and how they may be feeling. However, research by Psychologist Mark Davis suggests that this is only one type of empathy. He identified three main types, […]

The Shackles of Bullying | Verol Billett

Being a victim of bullying is a heavy burden to bear. Being constantly preyed upon can weaken one’s mental strength and one’s sense of resilience leaving them in a pool of hopelessness and a small ball of anxiety. The topic of bullying has been on the lips of many, and is a conscious concern for […]

Less is More….But Not With Sleep | Janelle Reid

Sleep is an active function which our body requires for optimal performance. While you are asleep our body has a sleep cycle and several tasks are operating simultaneously such as processing, restoration and strengthening. I bet you thought you were dead asleep! Poor sleep habits or lack of sleep can affect our state of well-being […]

Suicidal Ideation Vs. Suicidal Intent: How to Assess | Craig McNally

Helping professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers and mental health professionals are all guided by the ethical standard of confidentiality. In a nutshell, confidentiality is considering everything a client or patient shares in the session sensitive, private, privileged information, and not suitable or allowable for sharing with others –without consent. There are however exceptions [...

Celebrating Literacy | Kellie-Anne Brown-Campbell

One of the age old phrases that most of us grew up hearing as young children is “Reading maketh the man”. It was drilled into our heads that to do anything meaningful, and succeed at school and life, literacy skills were critical! According to the Oxford Dictionary online, literacy is defined as “the ability to […]

Let’s Get Physical | Marie Reynolds

Children today spend less time engaging in outdoor play and  physical activity, and a lot more time indoors in front of one screen or another, whether TV, computer, tablet, smartphone or video game.  On a local TV children’s quiz show, the hobby most claimed by participants is “surfing the net.” As children’s physical activity and […]

Back To School: 4 Tips to Get You Ready | Shauna Miller

It’s that time of year when we consult school lists and rush around trying to get everything into place for the coming year. While in the process of organizing all the material necessary for a successful year, it may be helpful to build habits and routines that can ensure long-lasting success. The following steps may […]