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Children & Violence: How can we help? | Marie Reynolds

Children repeatedly exposed to violence, whether directly through community or domestic violence, or physical abuse, or virtually through film, TV and the news media, may show signs of trauma.  Trauma is experienced when a person’s normal coping mechanisms are overwhelmed, leaving them feeling helpless, hopeless and unsafe. Because every person, including a child, is wired […]

Early Intervention: When is a Problem, A Problem?

It can be difficult to figure out if a behaviour that you are noticing (or not noticing!) needs special attention. Is it a phase? Will they grow out of it? Am I worrying too much?  All our children have their own individual personalities and preferences, strengths and challenges, so how do we know when an […]

Family Time

With 60 hour work weeks, extra lessons, extra-curricular activities, exams and all the hustle and bustle of life; how can we find time, to spend quality time with our families? Plain and simple; children, from birth to adulthood, need quality time and meaningful attention from their parents. Parents often focus so much on raising a […]

Identifying Signs of Abuse In Children

In recent times there has been increasing reports in the news regarding the amount of abuse occurring against our nation’s children.  Abuse does not occur on a singular scale. It consists of three different forms – physical, sexual, and emotional (neglect). Everyone who endures abuse reacts to the traumatic experience differently. As it relates to […]

The Importance of Reading With Your Child | Kellie-Anne Brown-Campbell

The literature is littered with numerous reports on the fact that parent involvement is a number one factor in predicting early literacy success and later academic achievement. As parents, we often pass off the importance of our roles in the development of our children’s academic skills, especially reading, onto school. Some comments which we may […]