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How do you Doo? Part 3: Get Set – position matters

WEANING: Often times during weaning the texture of baby’s stool will change . The colon and rectum must adapt to this change and expel the firmer, sometimes drier stools efficiently.  Many toddlers will undergo transient constipation with FIRM DRY stools and INFREQUENT passage of stools (less than once every 3 days) during this adjustment phase. WITHHOLDING STOOL: Subsequently a [&helli...

Listen with your Eyes

We are overwhelmed with THINGS! Things that demand our attention. Parents have a skill for seeing what their kids don’t even think they can see 🙂 Sometimes though, we must STOP and give our full attention to what we are being told. Take the time to LOOK at your child while they are talking to you tonight at bedtime. […]

New Benefits Point to Greater Benefits of Infant Circumcision, But Final Say is Still Up to Parents, Says AAP

Ultimately, all health decisions for a child are the responsibility of the parents. We at Caribbean Tots to Teens embrace research, eduction and informed decisions. Look out for our series on the healthy male baby (It’s a Boy!) in September. We welcome your comments and stories of your experience. New scientific evidence shows the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh...

How do you doo? Part 2: A rainbow of possibilities

Many parents marvel and panic over the colour of the stool their child passes. Stool colour is DIRECTLY affected by what a child eats and the health of the intestinal tract. Once the first sticky (dark green and very gooey) meconium of the newborn is passed your child’s stools will take on a range of […]

How do you Doo? Part 1: Consistency

Many parents are disturbed, confused and even frightened by changes in children’s stool texture. Below is a Caribbean modification of the Bristol Stool Form Chart which enables parents to describe and discuss the little ones “productions” with better understanding from the health care professionals. Types 1-2 are TOO DRY, usually due to staying in the colon for […]

Will you make the Same Mistake as Me? Your Baby Cannot Read

Your Baby Can Read – Early Literacy – We’re all looking for the perfect program or class to develop our latent baby Einsteins. Which is why the $199.95 Your Baby Can Read 5 DVD program ( is so enticing — wouldn’t it be great if our babies were geniuses and could read? Of course, implicit in […]