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How do you Doo? Part 1: Consistency

Many parents are disturbed, confused and even frightened by changes in children’s stool texture. Below is a Caribbean modification of the Bristol Stool Form Chart which enables parents to describe and discuss the little ones “productions” with better understanding from the health care professionals. Types 1-2 are TOO DRY, usually due to staying in the colon for […]

Will you make the Same Mistake as Me? Your Baby Cannot Read

Your Baby Can Read – Early Literacy – We’re all looking for the perfect program or class to develop our latent baby Einsteins. Which is why the $199.95 Your Baby Can Read 5 DVD program ( is so enticing — wouldn’t it be great if our babies were geniuses and could read? Of course, implicit in […]

Parents, immunise your children

Vaccination Week in the Americas will be taking place April 21-28, 2012. Do you have questions about regular immunizations? Do you have specific fears? Please share with us. Let us find the facts and understand together. Immunization is not personal its a matter of PUBLIC HEALTH and WELLNESS Parents, immunise your children – Health – […]

Policy Statement—Media Education ~American Academy of Pediatrics Sept 2010

There are numerous studies that demonstrate the dangers of over exposure to media for children. In this revised document from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) new research is brought o bear on the rapidly expanding problem of electronic media and child development. Language delay, Obesity and Aggression are only a few of the developmental problems directly […]

Parents influence whether children eat fruits, vegetables

 Most children learn to like and eat vegetables before age 5 years. Most children learn their eating habits directly from their parents plate. NOW is the time.  A few important tips: 1) Children who SEE their parents eating fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. 2) If you dont buy sodas […]

Babies on Planes: Its War ~ ABC News

Babies on Planes We all have horror stories of out-of-control toddlers on a plane. I for one believe that parents must engage and take control. 90% of the solution is in their hands (or glacial stares..) This is no time for a laid-back hands-off approach! I was surprized to see that pilots where actually removing […]

Our Food is Making us Sick

Have you ever wondered why some many children today are allergic to “every little thing”? This video will open your eyes to WHY food allergies are on the rise. What are you feeding your children? Is it real food? Do you know HOW every day products on supermarket shelves could be making them sick? Robyn O’Brien speaks clear and […]

Beyoncé Breastfeeds in Public: Yes, This Actually Matters

Beyoncé Breastfeeds in Public: Yes, This Actually Matters A mega-star gives support to “Lactivists” everywhere. Beyonce’s actions spoke a thousand words! Breast feeding is healthy, normal and still happening all over the world. The Breast is Best! Have you every had any issue breastfeeding in the Caribbean?