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  image from Back to school is here! I am encouraging kids at all levels to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the up-coming academic term! You can get the results you want as long as you keep your mind’s focus on what you want to achieve.Make your academic goals as specific as possible, also make […]

Dying to be Beautiful 2014

Please share this poster. Please come:  Be informed, get involved. For more information click & go to the conference site.                                                                       […]

Stop Bullying! Idea from

Teacher leads inspiring mission to stop bullying on – So many good ideas are free! Let’s keep creating and keep sharing.  This is such a simple and effective exercise. Check out the link below,

Sleep and your Teen

Sleep is as valuable in the teen years as in younger childhood. Too little sleep decreases cognitive function, and  a teens ability to remember what they have learned. Take the time to read the link below and talk to you teen about planning and committing to a good night sleep. Making sleep a priority is […]

Art Therapy and Autism

 Here we share a video from RealLookAutism which demonstrates the use of Art Therapy as a tool in improving social interaction, vocabulary building, decision making skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Not every child is a “fit” for Art Therapy, but this young fellow certainly is engaged in the process.   Does you child gravitate towards […]

HIV and Caribbean Children

HIV and Caribbean Children The problem is clear. The questions we ask today are: WHO should be solving this problem and HOW will we cure this pervasive multi-faceted surge on our future? Are our parents, grand-parents, families, teachers, guidance counsellors, paediatricians,  obstetricians, psychologists, pastors, or government officials equipped to see the problem for what is really is? C...