In an article published in the Gleaner today Education Minister of Jamaica has made an appeal and cast a challenge to the Education officers of Jamaica.

“It is unacceptable. Let us make it quite clear. It can’t go on like this. The role of the education officers has to change. They have to be held more accountable and this is why we are putting the emphasis on early-childhood education so that diagnosis can be done early,” said Thwaites.

Acting Permanent Secretary Grace McLean said while psychosocial analyses are detecting a number of problems with some of the children, the education officers will be given mandates to ensure improved performance.

Education officers in the cross hairs – Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | July 1, 2012.

What IS the current role of an education officer? What tools are available to help them serve the school children of Jamaica? Who do they report to and how?  This calls for research on our part. We welcome your insight and comments.