GSAT is ‘apartheid’ – Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner – Wednesday | June 20, 2012.

Despite its unfortunate and negative title, this article speaks POSITIVELY to the important need for parents to give support and presence to secondary schooling. As the national average goes UP (…. goood news!!! ) each school can be presumed to receive a better student. Parents have to keep the “GSAT momentum” going wherever they child is placed. Throughout schooling, PARENTS ARE ESSENTIAL!

In his plea to parents and students, Thwaites said: “Grow where you are planted; work with your child’s school to make it better.”

Marcia McCausland-Wilson, president of the National Parent Teacher Association of Jamaica, is singing from the same hymn sheet as the minister. “What we want is for parents to understand that this year, because the grades are good, students who have done well will be placed at upgraded high schools and they can perform well nonetheless,” McCausland-Wilson told The GleanerShe added: “I can only say to the students, bloom where they are planted; and parents, wherever the students go, support them and help build the schools.”