VIDEO: ‘I wish GSAT would leave the earth’ – News –

“I see not only children suffering, but I see parents suffering,” he said. Results of the 2012 tests are expected to be released within a few days. The GSAT, which replaced the Common Entrance Examination in 19mathematics, Language Arts, Communication Tasks, Social Studies, and Integrated Science.

However, there have been increasing calls from parents and students to make adjustments to the exams, which have been blamed for traumatising children.

“The stress that people go through, the stress that it brings on our children, the disappointment afterwards are all hurting our kids, and I really wish that there could be some creative way of getting beyond this,” said Fuderich. “I know there are resource constrictions; I know… that there are schools that are interspersed across the island and people compete for the different schools, but somehow we have to do a better job, because the pressure that this puts on children is inexcusable,” he said.

The Ministry of Education has undertaken a comprehensive review of the exam. The assessment team comprises a consortium from the University of Wolverhampton, Pearson Educational Unit and DPK Jamaica Limited.

The findings of the assessment are expected to be ready by yearend and will guide the ministry on what changes are needed to make the exam more age-appropriate.


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