Miss Kitty, The fluffy diva?!

Miss Kitty, The fluffy diva

Congrats to Miss Kitty! She has shown us that we can be our better self and our healthier self all at the same time. Childhood obesity is a serious issue throughout the Caribbean. It is creating problems for us now, and will continue to challenge the health and  productivity sectors for years to come. Families fear starting on the path to “health”, but Miss Kitty has shown us all it is worth the effort.

 Sure, she’s not running away from her fluffy ways, she’s as authentic as they come.

People aren’t abandoning her because she’s shedding her fluffiness.[…] she can use her new found shape to inspire more Jamaican women to understand that being ‘fluffy’ shouldn’t be your final comfortable state.

Thanks to Daily Veritas for highlighting the reality of obesity, starting in our children, while giving us a positive message of encouragement. Click on the link below to enjoy the entire article:

Is Miss Kitty still “fluffy to the world”? And why she’s perfect to change the nation