In a letter published in the Gleaner today, the critical role of parents is highlighted as one of the three MAIN factors in school development.

A school becomes competitive when it has an effective principal, disciplined students and good parental support. Check many of these non-traditional high schools and see if they have those three driving factors.

We wholeheartedly agree that parents cannot “sit back and rest once” their child begins secondary school studies. We support all efforts to equip and support parents in their continuing essential role in child development and school development.

Also, too many parents are laid back. They don’t care about what goes on at their children’s school. It is time they demand that the school improves in the areas that keep the school rooted at the bottom of the academic rankings. After all, they are the main stakeholders in the school and need to use up their power.

Poor leadership among stumbling blocks at non-traditional schools – Letters – Jamaica Gleaner – Monday | July 2, 2012.