There are numerous studies that demonstrate the dangers of over exposure to media for children. In this revised document from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) new research is brought o bear on the rapidly expanding problem of electronic media and child development.

Language delay, Obesity and Aggression are only a few of the developmental problems directly related to excessive exposure to media in childhood and adolescence.

Policy Statement—Media Education.

IMPORTANT TAKE HOME TIPS for parents include

  1. Toddlers under age 2 years SHOULD NOT Be using electronic media AT ALL. (special report)

  2. NO television, video games or electronic play (ePlay) devices should be in the child’s bedroom.

  3. Limit and focus time spent with electronic media: No more than 2 hours a day should be spent in ePlay; electronic entertainment for any child between 2 years and 16 years old. The TV should never be a babysitter.

  4. Be a good example to your children: let them see you engaging in other forms of entertainment. Make it a point for family discussion adventure.

Change involves the whole family and creative, consistent thought, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Healthy Lifestyle choices today build a Healthy Future for tomorrow.