Mrs. Brown-Campbell is a very passionate, flexible, open-minded professional, who is driven to make a difference in the life of every child that she interacts with. She has specific interest and training in the field of School Psychology, with over 7 years experience working with children in the Early Childhood and Special Education sectors. Mrs. Brown-Campbell was awarded a Masters of Education in School Psychology from the University of British Columbia and since then, utilises both her experience and training to assess, identify and develop appropriate interventions for children, especially the very young.

Her main interests lie in children with developmental disabilities particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also has an interest in children with Specific Learning Disorders, particularly those with challenges in reading and written expression. Kellie-Anne has her long-term focus on the development and implementation of special education policies at the systems level, as well as imparting knowledge in the fields of psychology and education through academia and research.