It seems as though leaders are unable to formulate solutions. Here are a few:

Why not start with schools? Add a class on setting appropriate physical boundaries to the curriculum, and make it a part of health and fitness. Being healthy means that we’re fully functional in mind, body and spirit. Make the curriculum more inclusive, and teach our children the importance of saying “no.” Most importantly, teach them that it’s ok to speak about uncomfortable situations, especially when they are told not to. In many Caribbean homes, parents are afraid or don’t know how to address the difficult issues. This is one area where the system should step in to fight the battle through education.

Why not start with a change in perspective? In our society, victims are made to feel as though the incident was their fault. Children who survive sexual assault and live to tell the tale are then plagued with unnecessary guilt because society generally lead victims to believe they somehow contributed to the attack. Meanwhile, molesters, rapists and abusers go on to lead “happy” lives molesting other children. A change in our environment cannot take place until Caribbean communities change their perspective on sexual assault. How could we facilitate change? By starting a campaign, by broadcasting public service announcements, by making the solution an initiative to improve neighborhoods, it is quite possible to change the thought process.

Why not start with zero tolerance for sex offenders? Yes, one strike you’re out. Being molested is an experience that stays with the victim forever. Since victims have to put in a lot of work to manage this trauma, why shouldn’t offenders be punished heavily the first time?

Click the link below for more straight shooting suggestions…

MNI Alive – A Global Caribbean Community – Suggestions To The Growing Problem Of Child Sexual Abuse In The Caribbean.

There is a growing call for action ACTION action. Will you join the movement? What suggestions do you have to share that can stem the tide of child sexual assault that floods our Caribbean shores?