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Leading by example… “to the world”

Congrats to Miss Kitty! She has shown us that we can be our better self and our healthier self all at the same time. Childhood obesity is a serious issue throughout the Caribbean. It is creating problems for us now, and will continue to challenge the health and  productivity sectors for years to come. Families fear starting on […]

Ending our Relationship with Tobacco

~ Alexis Goffe, Counselling Psychologist On February 16 2012, I attended the Jamaica Cancer Society’s Anti-Tobacco Forum that was attended by over two hundred high school students. While much information was presented, three main facts stood out for me: 1)      Tobacco is a serial killer – In the 20th century, tobacco killed 100 million people […]

Policy Statement—Media Education ~American Academy of Pediatrics Sept 2010

There are numerous studies that demonstrate the dangers of over exposure to media for children. In this revised document from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) new research is brought o bear on the rapidly expanding problem of electronic media and child development. Language delay, Obesity and Aggression are only a few of the developmental problems directly […]