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Leading by example… “to the world”

Congrats to Miss Kitty! She has shown us that we can be our better self and our healthier self all at the same time. Childhood obesity is a serious issue throughout the Caribbean. It is creating problems for us now, and will continue to challenge the health and  productivity sectors for years to come. Families fear starting on […]

Dying to be Beautiful 2014

Please share this poster. Please come:  Be informed, get involved. For more information click & go to the conference site.                                                                       […]

Obesity in Children: a growing problem

The Caribbean region is a curious mix of wealth and want, resources and deficiencies, and in no way is this better demonstrated by our curious blend of childhood malnutrition where both the critically undernourished and the disturbingly over-nourished child may live side by side on any street. We must pay attention to the sneaky but […]

Hunger and Behaviour

What would your answer be if someone asked, “What affects a child’s behaviour?” Genetics Socialization Faith & Religion Culture Rarely would the answer include hunger. But believe it or not, hunger plays a major part in behaviour. Look at the most basic form of behaviour, newborn babies. How do you known when babies are hungry: their […]

Back to School: Eat smart! Nutritionist Kerry Weatherly speaks

Back to School: Eat Smart! Mrs Kerry Weatherly speaks on Smile Jamaica TVJ. There is no “bad” food or “good” food. Listen in and learn some tips on the right WAY to feed your school-age children. BREAKFAST: hot or cold cereal with milk and a fresh fruit make a quick, nutritious and affordable breakfast LUNCH: send […]

Portion-Sized not Super-Sized

12-year-old Marshall Reid has taken matters into his own hands and is motivating his family to eat right and exercise. Please enjoy this engaging account of how a child can show the way for so many others. In theory, losing weight should be straightforward: eat healthier, subtract quantity, add exercise. In the real world, though, where […]

New research shows black American children at HIGHEST risk of being overweight

http://earthsky.org/science-wire/how-many-calories-does-it-take-to-reach-childhood-obesity-prevention-goals In particular, children and teens who currently have higher obesity rates would require larger energy gap reductions [more dietary restriction and more exercise] to reach the obesity rate goal. For instance, based on their current obesity rates, white youths would need a 46-calorie reduction...

Parents influence whether children eat fruits, vegetables

 Most children learn to like and eat vegetables before age 5 years. Most children learn their eating habits directly from their parents plate. NOW is the time.  A few important tips: 1) Children who SEE their parents eating fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. 2) If you dont buy sodas […]