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Parenting a Tweener: A Survival Guide

Early adolescence is a tricky time for parents. Your sweet baby starts testing boundaries and defying rules. Here’s a quick summary of support for you from more4kids. And remember:  No! You are not going crazy and Yes! This too shall pass. http://www.more4kids.info/575/parenting-a-tweener-a-survival-guide/?nomobile=1

Listen with your Eyes

We are overwhelmed with THINGS! Things that demand our attention. Parents have a skill for seeing what their kids don’t even think they can see 🙂 Sometimes though, we must STOP and give our full attention to what we are being told. Take the time to LOOK at your child while they are talking to you tonight at bedtime. […]

Back to School: Are you S-E-T? Mr Alexis Goffe speaks

Back to School: Are you S-E-T? Mr Alexis Goffe speaks on Smile Jamaica TVJ about parents being S-E-T – establish a STRUCTURE, plan a healthy weekly menu to ensure ease of shopping and nutritious EATING and last, but not least…make time to listen and TALK to your little student this term.