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Obesity in Children: a growing problem

The Caribbean region is a curious mix of wealth and want, resources and deficiencies, and in no way is this better demonstrated by our curious blend of childhood malnutrition where both the critically undernourished and the disturbingly over-nourished child may live side by side on any street. We must pay attention to the sneaky but […]

Earlier bedtimes may fend off Teen Depression

Earlier bedtimes may fend off teen depression – chicagotribune.com. DOES SLEEP AFFECT BEHAVIOUR? YOU BET! In the past years several studies have shown that a lack of sleep may cause teenagers to be cranky, fall asleep in class, struggle with exams, reduce their performance in sports, increase obesity, exacerbate asthma and actually lead to insomnia. A […]

Portion-Sized not Super-Sized

12-year-old Marshall Reid has taken matters into his own hands and is motivating his family to eat right and exercise. Please enjoy this engaging account of how a child can show the way for so many others. In theory, losing weight should be straightforward: eat healthier, subtract quantity, add exercise. In the real world, though, where […]

Time to Unplug the TV!

Hide the remote! Get moving. Full Endorsement here!! Kids Eat Right – Time to Unplug!. One study found that children who spent more than eight hours watching TV each week at age 3 were more likely to be obese at age 7. Having a TV in their bedroom ups their chances of being overweight even more, […]