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More Fathers; More Nuclear Families

Dr. Herbert Gayle from Fathers Inc.  Jamaica, has been making the news with his reports on the increasing numbers of “couple families” and definitive growth in the role of Jamaican fathers in the home. He speaks of four critical roles that fathers should play: 1) protection 2) provision 3) nurturing and 4) being a role […]

Managing Challenging Behaviours in Your Children

Matthew McKenzie, Clinical Psychologist Getting your child to cooperate with you can be one of the most challenging experiences as a parent. However, it can be achieved if you’re willing to adjust a few things. Changing the child’s environment is key; your attitudes, behaviours, rules, methods of discipline and lifestyle constitute the environment in which […]

Jerry Sandusky and the Mind of a Pedophile

The paedophile is NOT a scary monster. The paedophile is the loving, helpful family friend, or family member who takes advantage of parental trust to win a target and capture a victim. Have parents muted the voice that speaks niggling concern and disturbing discrepancy. Are parents striving to be attune to what their child is saying, without words. This paedophile explains […]

Parental Support Critical to School Development

In a letter published in the Gleaner today, the critical role of parents is highlighted as one of the three MAIN factors in school development. A school becomes competitive when it has an effective principal, disciplined students and good parental support. Check many of these non-traditional high schools and see if they have those three […]

A-U-T-I-S-M: on the outside looking in.

Autism is a spectrum disorder. That means that each child can be affected in different ways and each child can be helped in different ways. As the number of children diagnosed with autism rises all over the world, chances are, right here in the Caribbean, you already know a family who is challenged with this […]

Portion-Sized not Super-Sized

12-year-old Marshall Reid has taken matters into his own hands and is motivating his family to eat right and exercise. Please enjoy this engaging account of how a child can show the way for so many others. In theory, losing weight should be straightforward: eat healthier, subtract quantity, add exercise. In the real world, though, where […]