As a father I am utterly dedicated to my daughters safety, and I am far from naive. And the surest way to keep her safe is to be willing to keep our connection strong, to give her guidance on worldly matters and to support her in trusting herself …

When she entered puberty, we started having more frank discussions. Not just about the mechanics of sex but also about the roles, power plays, pitfalls and misunderstandings. About the complex web of emotions that come into play while discovering yourself and another.

Parenting a teenager is the ultimate test of love and understanding for many of us. How did you do it? How will you prepare your daughter for acknowledging and managing her sexuality? Pretending that it doesn’t exist is simply not an option.

Keeping the channel of communication open and being honest really helps teens to make good decisions. Several studies have shown that parents who TELL their teens to wait for a particular milestone (marriage, first job, over 20 years) are the single most important factor in reducing teenage sexual activity.