Sure the Wii is better than NOTHING, but its not exercise….

Active Video Games Don’t Mean Kids Exercise More.

A study conducted by Dr. Tom Baranowski and his colleagues shows disappointing results from active video game use. Reported on February 27, 2012 in the American Academy of Paediatrics Journal: 

…kids who were given so-called active video games to play on a Nintendo Wii didn’t end up logging any more moderate or vigorous physical activity than those given games they could play sitting on the couch.

“We expected that playing the video games would in fact lead to a substantial increase in physical activity in the children,” Dr. Baranowski told Reuters Health. “Frankly we were shocked by the complete lack of difference.”

So, its still up to parents to implement some real time for play and excercise.

The American Academy of Paediatrics also recommends limiting electronic screen time in all age groups.