After GSAT

GSAT results are out!
So, what’s next?!?!

THANK GOD, whoever you perceive Him to be. The examination is done, the grades are out, and primary school is nearly completely finished. You did it, with His help.
HUG YOUR CHILD! Hug your child because their hard work and sacrifice brought them to this point. You were there; you know what they went through. Whatever the placement may be, they worked for it and achieved it. Your child NEEDS to KNOW that you love them. CELEBRATE!
BREATHE. No matter what you can do today, one thing you cannot do is relive the past, so breathe and embrace the future that lies ahead. There will be much preparation to do this summer, lots of running around and ground work:
Uniforms (rules for shoes, hairstyles, socks, school-bags)
Book lists
New students’ handbooks
Orientation schedule
After school activity planning
Learning a new route to school

With all that and more, don’t forget to…

BE GRATEFUL: Remember everyone who helped, prayed, taught, supported your family in one way or another during the difficult preparation. Whether it is a phone call, a short note, a card or a present take the time to be grateful. Teach your child to thank them! 
ENJOY THE SUMMER: your baby is growing up. Don’t waste one moment of this summer holiday – enjoy as MUCH as you can, because this is the last summer before high school. Secondary school marks a new phase of life: ever-increasing independence, less confiding in parents, more confiding in friends. Teenagers! But that is for tomorrow,
for today … Rejoice!