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Sleep Well, Be Well | Marie Reynolds

“Sleep is the underpinning of our entire well-being. For centuries people thought that sleep was a time of inactivity that the brain was resting. But all the new science proves that the opposite is true — that during sleep the brain is in a state of intense activity, which is necessary for us to fully […]

Less is More….But Not With Sleep| Janelle Reid

Sleep is an active function which our body requires for optimal performance. The body has a sleep cycle; while we sleep several tasks are operating simultaneously such as processing, restoration and strengthening. I bet you thought you were dead asleep! Poor sleep hygiene can affect our state of well-being resulting in an increased risk for […]

Sleep and your Teen

Sleep is as valuable in the teen years as in younger childhood. Too little sleep decreases cognitive function, and  a teens ability to remember what they have learned. Take the time to read the link below and talk to you teen about planning and committing to a good night sleep. Making sleep a priority is […]

back to S-C-H-O-O-L tips for parents

Here are some tips for parents to keep in mind as we dive head first into BACK TO SCHOOL!! SLEEP!  A good night’s sleep is essential for the brain to process the day’s activities and lessons.  Children 4-8 years old need 10 hours of sleep a night. A one hour nap before 4 pm can […]

Earlier bedtimes may fend off Teen Depression

Earlier bedtimes may fend off teen depression – chicagotribune.com. DOES SLEEP AFFECT BEHAVIOUR? YOU BET! In the past years several studies have shown that a lack of sleep may cause teenagers to be cranky, fall asleep in class, struggle with exams, reduce their performance in sports, increase obesity, exacerbate asthma and actually lead to insomnia. A […]