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  image from Back to school is here! I am encouraging kids at all levels to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the up-coming academic term! You can get the results you want as long as you keep your mind’s focus on what you want to achieve.Make your academic goals as specific as possible, also make […]

Girls Day

These are the things that children remember most from their days in school. Great job! Girls (and boys) celebrate your potential! Di you think “Girls day” makes a difference for female students?

Stop Bullying! Idea from

Teacher leads inspiring mission to stop bullying on – So many good ideas are free! Let’s keep creating and keep sharing.  This is such a simple and effective exercise. Check out the link below,

Managing Challenging Behaviours in Your Children

Matthew McKenzie, Clinical Psychologist Getting your child to cooperate with you can be one of the most challenging experiences as a parent. However, it can be achieved if you’re willing to adjust a few things. Changing the child’s environment is key; your attitudes, behaviours, rules, methods of discipline and lifestyle constitute the environment in which […]

Hunger and Behaviour

What would your answer be if someone asked, “What affects a child’s behaviour?” Genetics Socialization Faith & Religion Culture Rarely would the answer include hunger. But believe it or not, hunger plays a major part in behaviour. Look at the most basic form of behaviour, newborn babies. How do you known when babies are hungry: their […]

How do you Doo? Part 3: Get Set – position matters

WEANING: Often times during weaning the texture of baby’s stool will change . The colon and rectum must adapt to this change and expel the firmer, sometimes drier stools efficiently.  Many toddlers will undergo transient constipation with FIRM DRY stools and INFREQUENT passage of stools (less than once every 3 days) during this adjustment phase. WITHHOLDING STOOL: Subsequently a [&helli...