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Sleep Well, Be Well | Marie Reynolds

“Sleep is the underpinning of our entire well-being. For centuries people thought that sleep was a time of inactivity that the brain was resting. But all the new science proves that the opposite is true — that during sleep the brain is in a state of intense activity, which is necessary for us to fully […]

Celebrating Literacy | Kellie-Anne Brown-Campbell

One of the age old phrases that most of us grew up hearing as young children is “Reading maketh the man”. It was drilled into our heads that to do anything meaningful, and succeed at school and life, literacy skills were critical! According to the Oxford Dictionary online, literacy is defined as “the ability to […]

Let’s Get Physical | Marie Reynolds

Children today spend less time engaging in outdoor play and  physical activity, and a lot more time indoors in front of one screen or another, whether TV, computer, tablet, smartphone or video game.  On a local TV children’s quiz show, the hobby most claimed by participants is “surfing the net.” As children’s physical activity and […]

Back To School: 4 Tips to Get You Ready | Dr. Shauna Miller

It’s that time of year when we consult school lists and rush around trying to get everything into place for the coming year. While in the process of organizing all the material necessary for a successful year, it may be helpful to build habits and routines that can ensure long-lasting success. The following steps may […]

Children & Violence: How can we help? | Marie Reynolds

Children repeatedly exposed to violence, whether directly through community or domestic violence, or physical abuse, or virtually through film, TV and the news media, may show signs of trauma.  Trauma is experienced when a person’s normal coping mechanisms are overwhelmed, leaving them feeling helpless, hopeless and unsafe. Because every person, including a child, is wired […]

The Importance of Reading With Your Child | Kellie-Anne Brown-Campbell

The literature is littered with numerous reports on the fact that parent involvement is a number one factor in predicting early literacy success and later academic achievement. As parents, we often pass off the importance of our roles in the development of our children’s academic skills, especially reading, onto school. Some comments which we may […]


  image from Back to school is here! I am encouraging kids at all levels to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the up-coming academic term! You can get the results you want as long as you keep your mind’s focus on what you want to achieve.Make your academic goals as specific as possible, also make […]

Girls Day

These are the things that children remember most from their days in school. Great job! Girls (and boys) celebrate your potential! Di you think “Girls day” makes a difference for female students?